Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  • Zombies Is there any wacky possibility that scientists, or people at large, take more seriously than Zombies? Seriously? Go here to a science blog which posts, in all seriousness, the details of a Zombie attack and how to avoid one. Including such great areas as the physics of Zombies chasing you
         Then there is Zombie keep Fit Classes 

          And so, two nights a week in a gymnastics studio in St. Charles, five to a dozen people               gather to run, jump, climb and vault up, over and around obstacles that stand in for the features of a city in the grip of a zombie infestation. They also undergo strength and conditioning training because zombies are relentless.
             Brilliant. Go here for more details

    •  Make your own Martini Bar Thanks to ellymc for alerting me to this awesomeness
    • Awkward Family Pet photos

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