Dry July

Dear Diary

This will be my last journal entry.

I barely have the strength to lift pen to paper but i feel i must catalog the end of the expedition.

It was a brave choice to march into the unknown expanse of Dry July but this, the last unexplored frontier called. Before this expedition we have done the don't drink on school nights, the not as easy as it looks not have a drink at the pub, even attempted the stay sober on new years eve The team of course had attempted the required short expedition to Nodrinkieweekend and while statistically unsuccessful we had shown some pluck in the face of adversity.

How wrong we were to think we were ready to leave the safe environs of our fermented grape haze and brave into the wilderness

The drums have started again with their incessant pound pound pound on their drums. If the thirst doesn't get me then I am sure they will. I miss the constant ringing in my head of the morning after, this on again off again drum is driving me crazy.

Oates has left. Said he was going out for a wok. Doesn't he know we can't stir fry without a cheeky beer or even a nice sauv blanc. I fear he has gone insane. I know I won't see him again. It was his round.

I have eaten my last wine gum. The rum balls are a distant memory. The end is near now. I have left my tip on the bar, next to the ripped up napkins and now I sleep

The sweet, sweet, sweet escape of sleep


Captain A.R Pants esq

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