Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  • Hadron Collider Most of you may have forgotten about this wondrous wind tunnel of time changing chaos but its still out there. Who knows what its doing? Maybe the world has ended and this is the ever after ( If so, disappointing, I expected more cheese.)

I love the Collider. I love the name, the way it likes a cross between a Viking and a defensive line backer. I love the fact that none of us really know why we need it. I love the reporting of it. How can you go past such wonders as Large Hadron Collider is 'being sabotaged from the future 
I love the fact it is listed among the 5 (yes 5) scientific experiments that may end the world (here they are just in case you are worried that your mixing of bicarb and vinegar may be in the top five)

But if some of you are worried. Don't be They have set up a website so you can see if it has destroyed the world yet. Has the large hadron collider destroyed the world yet?

and for those with a scientific bent there's a web cam of the Hadron Collider here
  • Why Yogi the Bear never mentioned his Father
  •  Creatures on Twitter I love the fact that a whole lot of people pretend to be animals. On any given day you can chat with a donkey (McDuffAus), a particularly nasty fly ( thatfuckingfly), a cat (sockington ) and a Dugong who types with his flippers (TynontheDugong )  There is also the eternally bewildered Mr Shuffles (MisterShuffles) and the yang to his ying (shufflesdrkside) But the best without a doubt, is the eternally wise Common Squirrel (common_squirrel)  "jump jump jump jump jump jump" wise words indeed.
  • Martinis

   some things just make sense. (Although not enough olives in this photo)

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