Things that haven't annoyed me so much this week

  • Shark sleeping bag Nearly as good as the Tauntun one Who wouldn't like to sleep in a Giant Shark? Figuratively speaking of course. I look forward to the slumber party Whale version with the child sized Groper backpack. Heck lets go for the crocodile snuggy! I've always fancied sleeping in a giant pike.
  • Jar Jar Binks- Come on he isn't the shitest Star Wars character ever or the most obviously rascist stereotypical character ever  in movies (Transformers 2? Anyone? anyone?) He may be annoying and all his dialogue ends in "-eesa" and yes he may be the poster boy (thing..uhm creature..uhm animation) for all the crapness in the Star Wars prequels but he did cause this reaction. Which is as funny as it is scary. For those who do hate feel free to go here
  • Obviously the Zombie apocalypse will soon be on us. Are you prepared? Have you started stockpiling supplies? Have you decided between the remote outpost or holing up inner city? Worked out the 5 people in the Tarago with you? (sorry Tegan I've dropped you as your nursing skills have been outweighed by Bek. She's a Doctor) Shotgun versus pistol? Have you got one of these? 

  •  Barbie’s Unflattering Photos – She’s Not So Perfect After All!
  • Tynon the Dugong. Ahh Twitter the only place you can chat with an elephant, follow a garden squirrel and be abused by Tyler Durdon everythign you tweet the words Fight Club. Tynon types all off his tweets with his flippers. Hard to read but he seems a nice enough chap.
  • Lastly the highlight of recent photos over at Awkward Family Photos

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