Bloggers who don't blog

You have your fancy little page all set up, with your funny little self knowing title which you launch onto an unsuspecting world who really really REALLY have to hear what you’ve got to say and you are away!

You are a Blogger! Pat yourself on the back and having a smug little internal smile about your cleverness and onrushing fame.

Three posts later and nothing. Half a year goes past and nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. What goods a Blogger who doesn’t blog! If atree falls in a forrest shouldn’t we write about it for our three or so readers

Alternately what good is a blogger who does blog? Possibly my 6 month plus silence has been an ironic comment on the whole art of Blogging. Maybe I am that clever. Yeah! Ever thought of that? Maybe I am not that lazy after all? Clever, ironical me.

Why does the word blogging sound like something you do into a wet pair of pants when you are six years old at your under ten cricket trophy night?

What happened to Rants from the Angry Side?

Nothing to be angry about? No rants left

Bullshit there isn’t


Simmo said...

You used the word "ironical".

I hate that word.

Just say "ironic". Your extra syllable is a sure contributor to global warming. Cut it out.

NUMBER SIX said...

oh dear.